I Am...

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 21:31 -- Susanna

Those who don’t know me call me weird

Those who love me call me a bird

I spread my wings up and I set to fly but then I realize I still have awhile

I may be 16 but my innocence matches the purity of an infantile

It ain’t no joke or no boastful statement

It’s only the truth that I seek in every moment

I joke and fool but I have my limits to all futile pranks

Lets be frank I care about school although to some it’s a drool

School is my abode

Right after Church and my clan

I don’t fit in any click

I make my own where all just follow

My maturity always has its depths

It’s the matter of where I am that determines how I use it

but no matter what, I always bring a laugh to everyone around

Its ok that I may be a nerd

As long as I’m leading the herd

My friends try to label me by a word

But I am one of a kind

Nothing can claim me yet

No word, big or small has Old Webster found

That can bind me to the ground

I am unique

I am quirky

But I am sweet

I am a nerd

I can try to be a word but I’ll never fit

I guess one day there will be a term resounding me

Till then I’ll just have to wait

I Am Me

Plain and Simple without any label.

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This poem is about how I feel about myself. I am one of a kind without any labels. I tried thinking of one word that could define me but the truth of the matter is that there is not a single word that can define me as a whole because I am different. I do crazy things, I say funny/stupid things, and I am a unique person. This being said, unique does not define me as a whole because there is much more to me than just that one word.

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