I am

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 17:27 -- Qualema



I am beautiful, though my mother never told me.I am strong, though my father made me feel weak.I am happy, even though my mother made me feel sad.I am relentless, even though my father made me feel worthless.I am me, because of my mother and father.I was a mistake.I was the child born from three abortions.I was the child that stole my mother’s aspirations.I was the child that trampled over my father’s dreams.I was the child that took away daddy’s football and baseball scholarship.I was the child that stole my mommy’s youth.I was the child that gave my grandparents such joy.I was the child that was abused, because of my mother’s carelessness.I was abused because my father didn’t know.I am twenty years old.I am no longer a teenage girl with insecurities and doubts about life.I am not an adult worried about my future.I am in transition.So who am I? I am an adult.Age does not define who you are.Your mind, your spirit, your thoughts, and your actions define who you are.I am a child… a child that has always been an adult at heart. 


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