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You drag me in.

Tell me I am worthless.

Unworthy of love.

How could anyone find me attractive, smart, or talented.

Worth the breath I breathe.

You tell me dig deep inside yourself and you will find nothing.

Nothing beyond measure that proves I am worthy.

Worthy of the stars.

Not even worthy of the tears rolling down my cheek as you tell me once again how I have failed.

How many times I have failed.

How I will always FAIL.

How I should end it now so that I won't ever FAIL again.

Since I am not worthy of your love, I am not worthy of anyone's.

Because to you Depression I will never be good enough.

I am trying to win the love of a mental disorder that only beats me down until I am withered to the bone.

I cannot win your love Depression.

I cannot show you the depths of my being and show you all the reasons why I am here.

I cannot win you over.

But I can try to win myself.

It is going to take a lot of effort to bring back something so far gone.

You have replaced myself with a bitter reflection and I can hardly look in the mirror.

But I will not be torn.


I will dig deep inside myself and find love.

You may be a part of me Depression, but you are not me.

I am intelligent.

I am an honor student.

I am an artist.

I am a writer.

I am loving and caring.

I am shy and introverted.

But most of all I am me.


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