I Am...

I am from a family of all girls,No video games just lip gloss and curls,I am from a mix background so we are all different shades of brown.I am from backyard play dates with neighborhood friends,Bar-B-Ques and snacks being tied by one leg.I am from her thoughts and mindMy mom mainly, not hard to find,My dad tooI have his looks, but just a few.I am from breakfast in the morning,Eggs, toast, and sausageDinner in the evening, lunch during the dayAnd after we all eat, washing out our platesI am from praying before a meal and praying before we sleep,Asking God to keep me safeUntil the moon and sun meet,I am from a small town in the northNot a lot of places, not a lot of people work,Young girls have babies and boys are in jailEveryday is their eyes is a burning hellBut with everything I lived through I am still hereI am from a place that made me who I am.Looking back now I see myself changed.From playgrounds and miseryto a life well behaved.I’ve been in love and I’ve been in pain.I’ve been lost, I’ve been found and I’ve lived without vain. I’m prosperous and stronger than ever before.I am intelligent and sweet to the core. I’m funny and happy and I’m determined.. Where I’m from and who I am made me this person. Anneka Scott

This poem is about: 
My family


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