I am

I am who I say I am.

Who I am is difficult,

Is different,

Is odd.


I am who I am!

And I like that,

But society doesn't.

We must live to standards,

Standards of standards,

Rules upon rules,

More no than yes.

However I am




And thats who I am.


You formed me 

The world that spins.

You formed me

Shadow on the wall.

You formed me

Habits of old.

That is who I am!


I can change.

I am able too.

I am who I am!

I make myself that way!

I can make mountains shake!

I can make the wind whimper!

I can make the seas still!

I am who I say I am

No one can change that!

Yet they form me all the same...


I am who I make myself to be.

I am what I think,

What my thoughts decide. 

I am who I am.


This is me.

This is how powerful I am.

I am the sea bashing against the sand!

I am the lava flow from the eruption!

I am the life that grows from ashes!

I am the oncoming clouds that hold rain!

I am the dry desert parched with joy!

I am who I say I am!

I can tell no tales.


This is me

This is who I am

I am the difficult shadow

Waivering in the light.

I am who I say I am.

I am me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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