I am the..

I am the one 

The one who can either change or destroy a person or myself

I am the person

The person who has been laughed at for my idea and dreams

I am the idea

I am the idea of ' if she can accomplish her dreams, as can I'

I am the dreams

I am the dreams of fantasy that can make a nightmare seem like a simple obstacle

I am the nightmare

I am the nightmare of all who wished for me to sit and wallow with no hope

I am the hope

I am the hope to the females in the back wanting to code but fear they'll be judged

I am the fear

I am the fear to the people who mock girls in technology

I am the mocked

I am the mocked by my desire to play a game

I am the mocked by my desire to leave reality for hours at a time

I am the mocked by all the people who claim my desires are because of my lack in a social world

But here is the thing

I was the social sports girl on first base

I was in the 'cool kids group'

I was ridiculed for being in 'the cool kids'

But being what I was never made me happy for me

And I am the girl who challanged every negative thought or word that has spoken to me

I am the girl 

I am the girl that will prove this whole world that I can create something that will make people want to leave reality and enter fantasy

I am the girl

I will be the girl

That will forever look up in the sky with a smile on my face and say,

'What a great day to show this world that, I am the reason, my dreams still exist'

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