I Am From

I am from my Cell phone

From Old Navy flip flops and Diet Coke

I am from the little house in the middle of no where

From the rockin' chair where we sit to watch the win blow

I am from the warm souther air and loving family

I am from the extremely tall trees and a yard full of leaves

The weeds on the side of the road, the purple flowers and the red rose

The smell they ring that fills the warm spring air

I am from family movie nights and Sunday dinner at nana's

I am from my little nana and papa

I'm from summer trips and walking on the beach

From "lying will never get you anywhere" and "treat others the way you want to be treated"

I am from my Big nana and Great granny

From strawberries so sweet and apples taht fall from the tree's

From family so full of joy and the way we can alk about anything

the non-stop working and waking up to early

The family pictures in my purse and the ones in the living room i see first thing when i wake up

I am from this very small town where everyone is known by name, the plae we go on the week days

I am from the long nights and sleeping in all day

I am from this wonderful world OUR GOD had made.


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