I am 1/3 Musketeer


I am ⅓ Musketeer


First week of May 2011,

we go to pick up my dad from Chicago

I was 8 years old

Waited about two hours, never did he come

Then came what I thought was a harmless sleepover

Nope. Just a day extra before someone had to break the news

Break the news nobody wanted to hear

You may think that my parents got a divorce, think again

My dad left us? Try one more time

“He passed away”

My dad, my father

At first the words float around in your mind

And then you say

“Mom, you’re kidding right, you can not kid about things like that”

At Least you hope she is kidding

She shakes her head

How did I feel?

The words sting

Then they repeat

They repeat as if the world was mocking you

Then the tears slowly run down your face

The words still repeating

The tears are still going

The mindset is a horrible place to be


No, no dad is just playing hide and seek, a very long version


How could you do this to me? What did I do to deserve this pain, this loss?


I did not go to school for a week


Please give him back, I will do anything

Then acceptance

Reality finally slaps you in the face

Throughout those “steps”, or through the passageway to get to acceptance

I was proud

I was proud of my mom for being a single parent and fighting through the challenges

I am proud of being me

And I am proud of my brother

When my friends find out they say

“I did not know your life was so sad”

After 5 ½ years you learn

It is only sad from the viewpoints you’re looking from

Maybe my life is sad from time to time

But what keeps me together

My family

You can go look up family in the dictionary, go ahead

All your going to get is people related to common ancestor


a group consisting of parents and children

But the true meaning of family

Individuals who have special meaning to each other

We are the 3 musketeers

And I am ⅓

Part of being part of the 3 musketeers

Is missing the 4th one

But we are the 3 musketeers

And I am ⅓


This poem is about: 
My family


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