I am..

I am the future.
The new generation.
The only one that can save our generation.
I am hip hop.
Trying to reach the ears of a black youth.
And help a boy that's struggling through the headphones .
Everyone just wants to protect their own.
But never wants to protect the person that can't pretct his own.
I am an every day person.
The voice of the poor African American.
Trying to make it .
When his moms has two jobs.
And still struggling.
The kid that blames the government.
Cause he gets picked on at school.
Just cause he doesn't have the #23 on his shoes.
I represent the kid that still holds his head high.
Even when everyone throws rocks at him.
And wants to see him fail.
I am a winner.
I am a looser.
I am a sinner.
I will make more than one mistake.
What am I saying?
I am saying that I'm human.
I am Erik Dawson.

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