I Am

I look in the mirror

I see just me

 My brokenness,

My flaws.

 Where I look

And I see the cracks,

The holes,

The bumps,

The bruises,

But then I’m reminded

By that small whisper

Deep in my heart

That it’s not the truth

About me.

My God comes

And says,

“I Am

Your shelter,

Your redeemer,

Your peace,

I’m in you.”

Now with His blood

 And nail scarred hands,

He tells me,

“You are






My daughter.”

I sit,

I weep,

 Because that’s not

Who I deserve to be

But He stays by me

And speaks,


This is your truth.”

I am alive,

Set free.

Free from opinions

That entangle me

Free from condemnation

Free from death


From me.

My sin,

My shame,

I say,

Get me out of the way,

Of You.

Your glory,

Your light,

Fill me with You

O, Lord

Your will,

Your way,

Your holiness,

I pray.


I am victorious.

Not by me,

But by Christ.



Penetrating my soul.

Come in

O’ Lord

You are welcome here.

And even when

My doubt fills my being

He tells me,

“Oh child,

You are never without me.”

Even when I am fearful,

He comes,

Into the darkest pits

Where I dare not look,

And He lifts me up

Snatches the darkness

Far from me

By His holy light.

He speaks yet again,

“She’s mine.

Forever mine.”

I sit,

I weep,

For I know,

My sin is deep.

I can barely utter

As my lips begin to stutter

“I am Yours”

I. Am. Yours.

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