I am eccentric and original

I wonder how many friends I would have if only people would get to know me.

I hear whispers from my bio mother….

I see her there when she isn’t

I want my step mother to adopt me

I am eccentric and original

I pretend to stand up against bullies in the mirror…

I feel that unicorns might actually be real… no joke

I touch the sky when I feel like flying

I worry that one day, I will have to face Shannon (bio mom) again.

I cry when I think of her and what she did to me

I am eccentric and original

I understand that I probably won’t ever have to talk to her again, but just the thought scares me

I say, everything happens for a reason

I dream about my younger years and all the abuse I had to endure and my dreams are usually in detail

I try to be the best kid I can be every day, at school and at home

I hope that one day my younger years will just be a small thought in the back of my mind

I am eccentric and original


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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