I Am From

I Am From Poem

By: Candy Gordillo


I am from "He" who died in the cross for us

I am from Irma and Francisco

I am from my tire swing in my backyard

I am from pizza on Fridays to salads on Saturdays

I am from an amazing family

I am from parents that love coffee and mexican food

I am from Mexican parents that try there best to speak English, and who try their best to give us everything we need

I am from a family that gets up after struggling

Who learns from their mistakes

I am from old pictures on the wall; to new pictures on the fridge

I am from a family that loves dogs

From a family that has a handsome German Shepherd

From a all nighter on Saturdays; to an early bird on Sundays

I am from a brother who goes to therapy every Tuesday, wishing to be normal, even though he already is

I am from a loud little sister, who is very picky and never stops singing "Let It Go"...

I am from a colorful family

I am from a hard working family that moved to NC to have a better future for their children

I am from an outgoing family

I am from a family that has long and fun summers to warm and cheerful winters

I am from a family that goes to the fair every year, and that doesn't leave till it's late

I am from a family that has huge birthday parties 

I am from a family that has many friends and that are known for their kindness

I am from a family that gets blessed every year- Thanks to the Almighty King

This poem is about: 
My family


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