I Am..

I Am

Sitting on my bed

trying to figure out

how to describe

the girl who 

grew up in the south

where schools taught 

nothing of evolution

or modern science

only of god

and words

with little meaning

the girl

who never went to church 

expected to

stay quiet

listen to the man

her opinion 

doesnt matter

her mind

extorted among all thoughts

that women belonged

in the kitchen 

and her dad

the most important man

spent those years

aching for his wife

who moved far 

far away

to make the money

for the family

she only saw every other weekend

and the pain 




caused them to move to the north

the land of opportunities

the girl who grew up in the south

ran to the north


her friends scoffed

yelling out

southern stereotypes

that echoed in her head


an alarm

"You don't belong"

            "You don't belong"

                          "You don't belong"


It beeped

and puttered

and screamed

on and on and on

and off

she moved schools

she found people who 

would take a bullet for her

people just like her







Animated souls


I am more than

the southern girl 

who sat down and shut up

because I am loud

and I am free

I am more than

the "georgia peach republican"

they assumed I was

I am more than

a typical teenager

with electronics

stuck to her hands

with the glue

of modern society

I am a poet

with a pen

and a notepad




to be my own change

my own impact

in the world




This poem is about: 
My family
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