I Am

I am that child that hides emotion
The one who never causes commotion.
I am a person that deserves to cry 
But yet I smile,why is that?
I am a girl who lost her mom to an incurable disease.
It wasn't her fault though, she was the faithful one.
I am the girl that smiles through the pain. 
The one with the heart of gold and rage. 
The fearer of love.
The girl that still sees the beauty in the world when the world does not see the beauty in me.
I am the girl who hides because those insecurities kick in. 
I have no one else to tell me I'm beautiful because we all know that heaven sent. Yes they sent for an angel why couldn't I have went ?
I am hurt and I feel as though life has cheated me.
Yes I deserve to cry but that doesn't mean that life has defeated me.
I am stronger than what people think.
Just because I am in pain doesn't mean I'm weak.
And who is this girl that shows her brave to everyone she meets?
I am Glennisha Miller and I refuse to be beat.
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Glennisha Miller thank you for sharing your inspiring poem. Theres not enough words to describe how much your poem I AM relates to my life where its easy to lose yourself in a world that is not quite fair. thank you. 


You're so welcome I love to be a voice for all. I literally started thinking about my mom this morning and the words started flowing right out of me. And thank you for admiring my work I'll try to do more!

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