I am...


United States
33° 49' 45.0732" N, 118° 19' 1.0956" W

I'm whiskey and sadness poured into a shot-glass

Swallowed down for the burn so you can know how long your esophagus is.

I am lost loves and hung-out hopes with the sweet notes of rum on your tongue.

I'm a mai thai with an umbrella in my ear to make you forget your fears.

These waves crash harder than they used to.

I am vodka on the coldest Skandinavian night so that you can know what cold is;

So that you can sell yourself on the idea that you finally know what warmth is.

I am confusion mixed with brandy on a yacht in the middle of neutral zone waters.

There's is no one here to help you.

I am a margarita with an extra shot of tequila and salt so that you can feel young and cultured.

The salt is to remind you of the cuts of oppression riddling your mouth.

Who knows better how many times you've bit down on the words begging to come out better than the lime before you stuff it down the bottleneck of you're favourite beer?

I'll be the crystal rocks to adorn your domain,

And I'll sit there in false chains and tell you you're in control.

You can do anything.

I am your Heroine Heroin so you'll be just fine; I'll relax you.

I am the indica and sativa of your dreams.

And even though you will never need me you're in love because -

I'm the exhale of breath on which you ponder why you even matter.

So puff again on the dried green leaves of altered reality because I'm here to make you think without you ever knowing that you're thinking.

Drink, not knowing I'm still here.

I am the fire of moonshine in your nasal cavities, whispering 'scream' so you can feel some satisfaction.

The release of so much tension is gaining traction -

Make sure to stop short of becoming fractioned.

It's possible.

Because if you get too far I am the three Xanax and the bottle of Gin.

I can be that wishing hymn,

Lulling you into an enchanted dream that always goes black.

But I can't promise that your lungs will realise how much they love to expand.

I can't ensure that your muscles will miss the exercise.

What happens next is a complete mystery.

I'm gone for that.

If you should open your eye's I'll be right back.

Don't worry.

Next time we'll try some absinthe -

So you don't ever have to feel your absence.



This is quite a heart-felt poem regarding a topic that many put into words, but only a few can capture with their lines and you have managed to do so. Often, I find even myself focusing on a rhyme or tempo of a poem when I should have my eyes on the message. However, in your poem you have turned the focus lenses of your mind to a dark place and have reported your findings in a marvelous manner!

I encourage you to continue your work, releasing all that is held within your heart for the world to live and learn by.

Thank you for writing these much needed words!


I can't actually thank you enough. Being that I'm not around other poets or people who think like me regularly it's hard to get anyone to really listen. It leads to times when I honestly feel my words are worthless and empty and my thoughts are warped. So, thank you for helping renew my love of this thing I'm very passionate about.

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