I ain't sayin she a golddigger

Though her face shines like a diamond,

Her hands lust for gold.

Her heart is very cold,

And her cupid has naked bows.


She wishes for wealth but deals pain,

Her stepfamily loves her but can only deal the same.

They keep her in the house doing work,

Hoping that her aspirations change.


She prays to God,

But wishes to the devil.

She sings for a good life,

But lives the life of a violent rebel.


To her it was like a joy ride,

But she just needed horses.

So one day she stole a dress and a pair of high-heeled glass shoes,

And that was when her ideas really started coursing.


She thought about the riches she can have,

Especially the fame.

She was like a Kim Kardashian,

Except her mind was insane.


When it came to jewels her mind wasn’t the same,

It was like a drug and she was addicted.

She didn’t long for love,

But cared for attention....so conflicted.


So she snuck out the house one day without permission,

And had one place in mind; The Palace.

She bribed a guy to get his horse and buggy,

But he didn’t even care because she was so fabulous.


“My royalty”, he shouted as she rode away,

Not knowing if he would see her another day.

She stopped the carriage, and he longed for what she was about to say,

She said “Unless you have money...I suggest you to stay away”....So Kim K.


Then she rode away...leaving him behind,

He never told anyone because he thought...love takes time.

But his love was in his heart,

Her love was in her mind.


Her love was on the riches that the prince had,

While his love was on a face he thought he’d never have.

But then she came...she was there,

She looked like a queen so everybody stared.


The prince wanted to approach her but felt too scared,

He thought, “ How could someone so beautiful make me feel so bare”.

Her looks were so rare,

It was like taking candy from a baby to the other girls...it wasn’t fair.


But little did she know ,

Her step-family was there.

Before the prince could get a kiss,

She said she had to disappear.


Trying not to be seen by her step-mom, she ran,

One of her shoes fell off.

She hesitated to get it,

But told herself she can’t.


So as she ran, she saw a witch,

That told her she can grant her one wish.

Though her mind was filled with money,

           Her heart...had fell for the prince.


So she wished for him to find her,

And then she’ll have it all.

The witch warned her of the repercussions,

But she didn’t care about the cost.


Until she lost….she lost her dad in a blink,

When she got home...her tears fell like a brink.

She then saw a note from her dad that said, “I didn’t know what to think...”,

He was approached by the guy she had bribed then had ditched.


He killed him out of remorse,

Knowing that he was her dad.

He felt as if he was the source,

So he killed him...and now her mind is at battle like an intermolecular force.


So she cried in pain,

Not knowing what to do.

She then heard a knock on the door,

As it was the prince's guards with her shoe.


By this time they have been all over the country,

Searching for her feet, not knowing she craved money.

Searching for her soul, not knowing it craved gold,

Her looks made her a diamond but her intentions made her a falling crow.


Her step-family tried on the shoe individually,

But not one of their feet could fit.

One of the guards saw her cleaning,

And said, ‘May I borrow your feet miss”.


She said yes with a smile you could see from a mile away,

She knew it was a perfect fit.

She was just waiting for her stepfamily to hear it,

And then BOOM....A perfect match.


Her stepfamily face turned red like a match,

She then asked the guards if she would have to pack.

They said no but...she already knew that,

So as she got on the carriage she shouted, “I’m never coming back!”


Three days later she got married,

She married prince charming but he married a long fee.

Her name was Cinderella and I’m not saying she’s a golddigger,

But she’s not satisfied until she finds money and doesn’t feel whole unless she

has gold...and then will she feel complete.


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You guys thoughts and comments are welcomed by me. I want to know what you all think (although I don't care much for other peoples opinions), because any criticism is great criticism.


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