I aint no Poet

I ain't no poet

So don’t affiliate me with those goons trying to flow it

Ill split you in half like I’m mothafuckin Moses

See this my chance & I ain’t baut to blow it,

Because you already know I own it

I’ll take what you love, you flow game

Turn that into my come up fame

These faces all the same

Drugs to blame, the reason that I’m insane

Guess I can’t take hits to the brain

& about these lame, hypocrite people trying to mimic my stylo

& the government swears they treat us all equal

But doesn’t say shit when they deporting my people

Yall just a bunch of bald headed eagles

Yall ready know I came from the motherland

Worked so fucking hard to stay where I’m at

That role you playing as president is all just an act

So don’t be surprised when we rebel & attack

Your cities for peace & equality, where my rasa at

But for now just sit back, relax

Don’t get me wrong judgment days just around the corner, & that’s that

Yall lack the fact that we’re humans to motherfucker

Copy that

My family working hard to keep us alive

Because they working hard like 3 jobs, like where he going find

I don’t see why it’s worth trying

They made a worthless fuck always snorting lines

Because that’s obviously what I grew up with, ight

Tell you the truth sometimes I feel like dying

Open your eyes dumb fuck, you too blind

That this one person still keeps the light going & shines

Then my girl asks how I’m doing & start lying

I’m fantabulous baby I’m right here, Just fine

But inside I wanna rage & fight

Because I know this ain’t my home

It’s just a place where I’ve grown

Bus is late & you start too grown

Damn at least you got a ride here to their

Whereas I didn’t have shit growing up, now tell me what is fair

All I remember was working hard on cars & shit, never taking a day off

Really wanna go their

These white people making me look more broke than I already am

Wearing snapbacks & diamond cloth, well obviously bands don’t make the man

It’s what he does whit his hands

There’s no hope

I was born alone, worked hard to come up on my own

Yup being successful that’s what a nigga knows

This ain’t the path I chose

You chose this path for me remember that

Crushing my hope & dreams

At lease we tried living like American folk

& this winter cold gave me a sore throat

From working overtime in the construction zone

I’ve had higher days, but todays just a lil down low

But what I wanna say is I hope you choke with all that money,

I mean HARD EARNED money, but it’s whatever floats your boat

While you worrying about mansion houses & dolla bills

I’m just hoping… fuck it; I’ll just seal the deal

Sell my soul to the devil so my people don’t struggle for a mean

Hope you see life thru my eyes… Claritin clear

Now tell me how you feel.


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