I Act (Credo)


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I act to breathe in the gift of life.

I act because a stage is the safest home and the strangest dream, and it welcomes every individual with open arms. 

I act with no stage because I believe in the impractical. That in unsuitable conditions we are able to charm the heart, divert the mind, and engross the psyche.

I act to convey a message that will touch the hearts of the people. For the apathetic in hopes they will witness the warmth of camaraderie.

I do not act to flaunt, mimic, or spread hate. I act for their opinions, that they will grow (performance burrows itself in ones thoughts). After provoking emotion, it cannot be denied and concealing such things will only bring our destruction. 

I act to educate myself in empathy. I act to express the perspectives of many, the ideas of hundreds. I act to familiarize myself with all walks of life.

I act because in a world designed with boundaries and impossibilities, the soul craves diversion. Craves to be uncaged, to erase the lines and release a palette of emotions. 

I act without care because becoming someone else, is who I am. Because suppression is profound, and with the each and every storming passion, declaration is key. I act because the need to become comfortable with a new character, aids me in finding comfort in my own.

I act because art brings us closer. Because the making of art fuels the emotion that connects great minds. It transcends our individual isolation, it reassures us that in a world full of loneliness, we are never alone. I act to walk a path of others’ sorrows, to lighten their burdens. That even the fallen can spring to new heights. 

I act to play the hero, to understand the villain, to be centered, to be cast aside. To live as a queen with the spirit of the common. Because to make people laugh, cry, hurt, or smile, is an honor. I am educated in the ways of rejection, because I know that though there is always someone better, no one is the best.

I act to embrace the weird, the abnormal. To know that compassion can be given just as easy as hate can be taken. 

I act to accept the snow as it floats down, whether or not it be part of my own reality. 


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