As I

As I stared into the eyes of a female

I noticed that her eyelashes were long,

Only on one eye and in

The other

A bead of water was forming,

Just about to boil over, roll over her lid


Down her cheek, all the way to her chin

She was losing something, she couldn't win...

In her eyes

I saw her pain, her sadness

Her vulnerability mixed with madness

She was

Open like a diary with a lock on it.

Cracked but, not enough to read the words

She was human... She had

skin that was painted so beautifully,

Contacts to cover the soft chocolate brown

Of her eyes, I guess that was her disguise...

But, her curly hair... Her black veil

Was voluminous and made me stare

Now covered one eye... She played eye-spy

As she studied me. She stared hard

Was I being played like a card?

Could she read my thoughts? Did she know

My insecurities or my love for the snow?

Could she twist my words like a bow?

Is she evil, nice, or full of spite?

Is this girl stronger than I thought?

I guess I'll know when I ask her...

Butterflies filled my stomach, a stir...

I blinked, looked forward and asked her

Her words in synch w/ mine

Lips moving at the Same time

I guess those are the things you figure out

When you are out and about

Bettering yourself...

Before you raise your phone

To take a selfie, frowning all alone


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