all around I have been words of hatred 

ones that are not truly sacret

I tried to hide from the crule volgarity

but I can never find unfatal tranquility

the ringing of these words within I's head

only bring I closer to I's death bed

the inevitable escape of these beatings

leaves I bleeding the fate of these meanings

the scars of the uncommanly

leave marks for eternity

but the path I embarks

can only be one of miserable distrat

the insequirities that make up I

only leave I to sit and cry

in search for peace for the war within I's mind

which only leads a deaf man blind

I finally comes to realize

that I's self is the only caused for I's traumatize

and the posion that I has been drinking

has been poured only by the hand of I's thinking

the battle within I's mind will never come to a stop

because I is the cause for these uncontainable thoughts

I is married to the longly dreaded wife

of the swords and daggers of contaminated minds

I's insecurities have become reality

but these realizations have led to a wrongful fatality

the body of I may still wonder

but I's mind is already ten feet under

for it is now black

from I's self esteem lack

and from that

I can never be intact

for I is Me and thus My life has become a line that is now flat

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Our world
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