I’m Pissed

VBS is over, I’m so sad

Seeing my friends, my crush

Oh it made me so glad

Wait, there is one more day?


To show our parents what we’ve learned?

Okay I want to go, please?

Don’t you think this trip I’ve earned?



A light is turned on

My mom gets mad

“So can I go?” 

“Go ask your dad”


All hope is lost

My dad will say NO

He will not be bossed

To the church I will not go


My souls is crushed 

Why must I go to that church

Where down the toilet my dreams are flushed?

Where I am drowned in my loneliness


No one there cares

About my feelings

Or how’s I fares

Nor if I’m alone


And I have not a friend

There at the church 

The only ones are pretend 

Woe is my weekend life


With only eight kids

You’d think we’d all be friends

But no one listens to my bids

Alone and friendless I shall be


The first kids, one, two, and three

Ages one and five

All are afraid of me

Thinking I’m a tall scary monster 


The next kid, who’s seven

Pays me no mind

Thinks he’s in heaven 

When he’s with my lil lil sis


Next to kids, one girl, one boy

Ages elven and fifteen

Verbal fights are their joy

Specially when there with my lil sis


One last child, a lot like me

Sits alone in a corner 

With nothing to see

Yet he wants no one


This leaves me alone

Crying in my head

On the outside, I groan

And you say, “stop complaining”


No wonder I’m shy, 

Socially impaired, 

Introverted, quiet as a fly


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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