The Hypocrisy of Democracy


United States
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The President of the United States is a symbol of sexism.

The man shamelessly slips his hands up women’s skirts,

While pleading we abandon our protests because his ego hurts.

But I refuse to rest my resentful recitations

Until my uterus no longer determines the size of my paycheck

Or the count of choices I can claim over my own body.

I cannot conceptualize reasons for the categorization

Of C-sections and postpartum depression as pre-existing conditions

Or the justification for treating paid parental-leave as a privilege.

The political action against Planned Parenthood

And so-called “pro-life” legislation

Is pointing a clear path towards pregnancy,

So why should we be punished

For following the in the footsteps

That these politicians have imprinted?

These privileged politicians preach “All Lives Matter”.

But when it comes down to it,

The color of my skin determines the value of my life.

The President’s vile words violate the American values

Of freedom of religion and equal protection

By inciting violence against minorities like Mexicans and Muslims.

He illegitimizes the importance of the constitution

By fighting against the first amendment’s protection of the press,

And manipulating the public’s perception of the media.

How am I to trust in a government meant to represent

All of us, when the President pairs with politicians
To plague democracy with endless hypocrisy?

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