The Hypocrisy

“A bullied person smiles through the pain

He makes people believe he’s okay when he’s dying inside

Speak out if you’re being bullied.” -anonymous ignorant moron


They taught us to blame the oppressed

The victim is now culprit of his own murder

Asking what’s up to a dying person doesn’t heal them

Laughing at a bullied person does not seal their wounds

Same as telling them to speak out does not bring them back to life

Someone’s life has been and another’s is being jeopardized when you say that

It doesn’t matter how many times you watch thirteen reasons why

Or ask ‘what’s up’ to a victim, you will never understand what exactly is happening

They haven’t asked for this situation

They don’t smile through their misery either because it is what they go through.

Imagine being called names and humiliated from school, to the internet...

It is part of their life and they don’t want it.

They don’t ‘smile through the pain’

They don’t ‘make people believe they’re okay.’

They know that people know they’re not okay because your life doesn’t hide its true form from the world

It is clear on their facial expression that everything is up

It is clear on your facial expression that you know everything is up

And it is clear from their actual situation that they won’t answer your question.

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