Hyphen American

Red white and blue


Not any different from the colors of me and you

They say that they are the colors of freedom

But why is racism the path that you're leading them

Our next generation

Screwed by your faulty foundation

The only thing that can be black and white is a dalmatian

People divided like stars by a constellation

The color of your skin is only an observation

Do one thing wrong and suddenly that’s the whole race’s reputation


Red White and Blue


1.6 billion muslims living around us

And they still haven’t learned how to look at us with anything but disgust

A religion from the 7th century

Not all of which who carry around weaponry

can that many people be the enemy

can being a terrorist be passed down through heredity

If you answered yes to any of these questions

Let’s talk chemistry

Because your brain's got a low density


Red white and blue


And hearing the word radical islam followed by the destruction of western civilization

Gets me thinking wow we really must love surfing  

Because they forget the difference between opinion and fact

Donald Trump that man a riot act

No bad hombres

I only know one

And he's behind the podium

Spitting his sweet ignorance poison to everyone

It spreads like wildfire while people are actually dying in missile fire

Oh a muslim-american that's a paradox

Like that idea is just so far off

And i’m just sick and tired

I'm muslim and tired

I'm american and tired

And i’m really tired of trying to teach you that those can be one

Without the hyphen because frankly that’s no fun

And it's not just about muslims it's about us as humans

Why do we get to say who has the better claim?

As if our hearts beat in different ways?

Why can’t we just love each other

Tolerate each other  

Or for the love of god...can we just stop killing each other.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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