I can feel the numbness climbing up my shoulders, finding its way into my head, into my ears, into my eyes. The darkness strangles my sight and muffles my hearing. I can't see, I can't see! My heart begins to race out of control. The panic sets in. I can't breathe, I can't breathe! My voice is nothing but a hushed sound. My lungs spazzing out, my blank eyes darting around in the darkness... Close your eyes, close your eyes... Okay. I shut my eyes tight, hoping I'll see light when I open them. Nothing. I shut my eyes tight and start slapping my face. SNAP OUT OF IT! Why can't I see!? Why can't I hear!? Why can't I breathe!? My arms want to let me fall to the ground, I won't let them... Sit down, here... Okay. Sitting. Sitting. Sitting... Just calm down, try to breathe... I slow my breathing. my eyes shut. I start to flutter them open, nothing but darkness, splotches of light. Splotches of light come into view! I thought I'd never see again! Relief washes over me, everything starts to come back. I can breathe. I can hear. I can talk. I can see.


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