Hyderabad, India - My Hometown

Splendid and magnificent is daytime
In the heart of the bustling Charminar*
Lively and congenial are the people
Bargains become rhythms of the bazaar
The aroma of rice and curry thrives
And blends with luscious chaat* from the roadside
A schoolgirl approaches her bus and strives
To watch keenly as society strides 
And as the temple bells ring at high pitch
The deities are adorned, the souls stitched.
* Charminar – The most famous tourist attraction and landmark of Hyderabad and the heart of all 
bustling activities such as shopping centers and bazaars. The monument reflects a blending of 
both Indian modernity and tradition.
*Chaat – a variety of sweet and savory snacks served primarily at roadside stalls throughout 


This poem is about: 
My country
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