Hyde-ing Interests


 In recent years   I gotten tired of tears  But will they swell   To the point of dwell?   Sadly these days' people don't care  About other people's welfare  Quotes that are heard  May make others disturbed  "Do they have kids?  I don't care…they are there shortly in the end  Do they have family?  I don't care they just think it was untimely  Do they have love ones?  I don't care their already half done  Once the trigger is blown  The ugly face is shown  Any excuse would do  As long as they have a muse  I know a hero when I see one  Who sacrifices wellbeing for another someone?  But please don't make up lies   To cover up another's demise  Money wealth fame  Someone else takes the real blame  Murders liars cheaters  I really don't care about either  I really care about the innocence  But their hardly any benevolence  They say I have a biological obligation   But IDC for these sad observations  Sadly love is not my main belief  But I am very gullible and naïve  I like to have standards   But here... I am much rendered  When someone come to claim love   What is it really made of?  Sadly for me it is always admiration  Confuse with the real adoration  I often ask what if it don't pact  Because one of us will be a hypocrite   Though you may say "I don't judge on looks"  I always judge the cover of the book  I like what I see and I like what hear  But these sweet nothings are never dear  What are these feeling I feel   Are they really real?  I may cast out the reel  But there always a hole never filled  No one will love me for me  Unless I change my energy  I lied and say looks aren't everything  But could I possibly I love a nothing?  At the cost of my whole being  It doesn't mean perfect symmetry  It takes only correct chemisty  or else it will have the same consequential misery  Though I look like a Jekyll  I myself, is filled with riddles  I wear a mask to hide  My true Hyde…..  That i can hardly abide by  


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