Hush, Little Baby

Hush, little baby, don't you cry,
because you could never be as scared as I.
Once upon I time I had dreams,
now I lie awake and listen to your screams.
Please, baby, your mommy always loves you
I wish I could hear someone loves me too.
He told me he did not too long ago.
I believed him because he told me so.
I could still feel him breath over my skin,
I could still feel my hands running over him.
But it was over far too quickly and I never said no.
He left in the morning and little did I know
you were already blooming deep inside
to change my life and end my pride.
I tried to tell him what I knew to be true.
He said he didn't want me and he won't want you.
I hear he's go to college next year.
Ivy league is the rumor in my ear.
But don't worry, baby, I'm right here.
I'll always be here to wipe your tears.
I can't offer you much, I'm just a girl
never held a job, never worked in this world.
But school's long forgotten and college is a fib,
when you need things now and I have nothing to give.
I suppose he could have helped, but he never did try.
I should've known better, he always had an alibi.
Now please quiet, baby, he might be gone,
But, I promise, never again, will I do you wrong.

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I thought of the "Hush Little Baby" lullaby the entire time I read your poem. You matched a wonderful, similar rhythm to the lullaby with your moving word choice. This poem emphasizes the struggle of usual teen pregnancy issues well. It is heart-wrenching for fathers to leave the mother and child with no added support, but the end of your work closes with what kind of determination unfortunate young women hold, who deal with abandonment of their boyfriends and sometimes even their families. 

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