Mon, 12/17/2012 - 02:52 -- LV

Silence as we seek , the things that makes us weak
When your looking deep into the eyes
Trying to find this passionate paradise
Wen hearts break and needs to be replaced


I'm not

Hush wait your turn
Closed mouths don't get feed
But yours seems to be running a race
Slow it down
Your out of breath and out of shape
Let me bend it back in place
It's a new method I call paste


But wait
Being in Love may feel great
Or the touch of his hands gripping your waist
The silhouette of his face
The way he press his chest against your breast , and his lips when you get a taste


I'm not done yet
See if you move to fast , you will surely run out of gas
And me , I'm gassed up , I'm well prepared for the race
I'm even fine with coming in second place
As long as you learn from your mistakes
Patients is a virtual
So ill patiently wait for the day that I get to see your face
And take you on a honey moon
I mean a vac
From state to state.


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