Hurting. A poem for Kids,Parents, teens, Grandparents and Most of all, All Human Beings.

Bullied, hurting. It's part of a lifetime phase. Pain, suffering. We all hurt on the inside but never express it. Love, joy. Kids bring us joy, Love brings us happiness. Even though i'm not a rhyming poet and think i think i know it all, i know a lot of people suffer and go through pain. Abusive parents, abusive husbands/boyfriends, kids leaving for college/school. It all hurts. Everyone looses a loved one. I know i did. It's hard to get through pain, greif, deppression. But the people around us need us, call a friend. Ask them to come over sometime, sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on. I know i have in the past, If you need help go ask for it and accept it. Ask your school counselor for help. Talk to your parents/family you have at the time. See a therapist if need be. Everyones got your back!

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Thank you for your upcoming support! This poem/story is to all Human Beings, homeless, Abused, Pregnant. It doesn't matter! Read this and you'll feel better, trust me i did when i was writing it. Thank you again. God bless you and this country. God bless Donald trump in his way through Washington D.C. and the world around us! Amen.

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