The Hurt

Wishing, and hoping that someone would care,

It just makes me want, to pull out my hair.

Yelling at me makes things worse,

I hope your happy, you’re an absolute jerk.

You hurt me so bad, it makes me sad,

One day you’ll realize, you lost what you’ve had.

Truth be told, you got a lot of nerve,

Hopefully one day, you’ll get what you deserve.

I honestly can’t take, anymore pain,

So you minus well, just end my days.

Whenever you’re not around it feels calmer,

But when you are, you act like my father.

All I want to do is get along,

But with you that’s something I‘ve tried for too long.

You’re just like dad in so many ways,

That’s something I wish I could really change.

When you come home, I wish you could see,

All the things you do to hurt me.

The ways you love me, can be explained,

But if that’s how you love, you better find a new way.



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