I'm tired of this feeling

Please take it all away

Couldn't hold back from revealing

I broke my rule today:

Never show just how much

You've been hurt.


But it's all over anyway

I suppose it isn't worth the stay,

Since you just threw my heart away

And don't care how much

I've been hurt.


It's so freeing to let it out

Not having to please you

I almost want to shout

I've got better things to do

Making sure no one knows

I've been hurt.


Hiding in plain sight

Cover darkness with the light

No longer have to fight

Except to disguise how I'll

Always hurt.


Guess I'm not over you yet.

Maybe I'll never be.

You were too perfect when we met,

But you took most of what was left of me.

Too bad you already know

I've been hurt.


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