This boy is just a young kid tryna make it out the hood.

In this generation society is not good,

people just need to get it understood.

He’s not doing great when he’s really hurting

never fear he’s far from nervous.

This boy has a lot of potential.

He met this sweet girl she said she can open his eyes so he could see the world as it really is but his momma told him, forget them girls and biz,

he replied, “Momma, imma keep doing what i’ve been doing.”

As time went by him and the girl started to get close.

But then his relationship bubble started to get poked.

As more time went by he started to get hypnotized

by them big brown eyes and them thick thighs.

See his momma noticed that he was starting to fall off his game.

After all he was the only one to blame.

He started to feel like the world didn’t need him.

But this boy wondered what it would be like to be buried six feet under.

If that happened Zeus would unleash lots of rain and thunder.

But he was a free man born as a king who died as a slave.

But all of it was for nothing though

he had to tell his first love he had to let her go.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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