Hungry for honey?

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 19:13 -- mmdanat
A woman and her children site aside the street
They have nothing not a candy that tastes so sweet 
They beg and beg all day long 
But go home empty handed with faces long
 Their routines repeats each day 
And their hopes and bodies soon start to decay 
Why is it that so many bellies are hollow 
That a big gust of wind would make them fly away like a swallow
Is there not enough bread, to fed the hungry
Or enough people with money to buy them all honey?
Markets are  filled day and night with foods 
That would bring their taste buds delight & lighten their moods
But because they can not find a dollar
That their bellies rumble and holler  
There is no reason for so many people to go hungry!
There are enough people with money 
Who can buy them more than just honey
There is enough bread to feed the hungry 
If I could change one thing in this world 
I would get lots of ice cream cones, and make them swirled 
And hand them out to all the boys and girls around the world
Lets end hunger one swirl at a time 
Come on give it a whirl, and make it rhyme!


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