A Hundred Thousand Picture Frames

Once upon a time,

My knowledge could be framed

And hung on the wall.

Now I'm proud

Of the hundred thousand picture frames

You would need

Even to try.

Nobody tries.

I don't want to,

Only afraid of what I'll see.

Hide the truth away

In a three-ring binder.

I know too much of not enough.

I need more, yet I want to forget what I know.

I want to start over. But there is nothing

I would give away for anything.

My knowledge will be mine.

I will find more.

My greedy, hungry soul reaches for it.

More, everywhere more.

There will always be more.

I wanted a hundred thousand picture frames

Of knowledge

Because that was more than I had.

Now the world barely has enough numbers

For the picture frames

I dream to fill.

More, always more.


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