Humpty Dumpty Heart

I left town

even though I loved him

because I had no other choice

than to follow the path

I was told I had to take

and my heart shattered into

a million pieces 

but I held it together

all for him.

For four months

I squeezed my heart in place, 

I willed my hands to compact

the shards together again,

but I ended up crushing it

into smaller pieces and 

I lost some shards along the way.

He took those shards with him

when he left.


The one after him

offered to help nurse my heart

back to health,

so I loosened my grip 

on the sharp edges

of my glass muscle

and I let him see

the ugly, broken pieces of me

that I kept hidden

from everyone else,

but I dropped a piece or two.

He picked them up,

but I had run away before

he could give them back.


The last one

let me heal. 

He gave me glue to

piece together what was left

of me, and because I loved him,

I let him help solve

the jigsaw puzzle that I

could no longer recognize

as having once been a part of me.

He was so kind,

so willing to help hold my heart


while I tried to put my

Humpty Dumpty heart together again,

that I didn't notice him

sneaking pieces of me

into his pocket before he left.


I tell you this

because I need you to be okay

with my fragile heart.

It's small and I haven't

let myself part with it before now.

But because I love you,

I'm giving you my

Humpty Dumpty heart; all of it,

not just stolen pieces or the broken bits.

I'm giving you the scars

and the glued-together parts

and the pieces you colored

to make my heart

a beautiful stained-glass organ.

You have made the broken beautiful,

you have put the tattered back together,

and you have filled the empty spots.

Because I love you, 

I'm giving you all of my trust,

all of my love,

and all of the parts of me

I never thought could be whole again.

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