A Human's Hero

Thu, 07/04/2019 - 19:17 -- Necktie

The myths and legends of long ago 
Were but interpretations of the time's human beings
All stories, in any form, take root in real life
All stories, in any way, take worldy inspiration


For we are one, and were to begin with, a part of this world


So the eras have changed, our values have shifted
Humanity is a stone, rolling through the ages
We crack and we crumble
Yet we also pick up pebbles


We grow larger in the dirt of our many past mistakes


The myths and legends of today
Are based on the present peoples
No longer need we a thousand expressions
To bashing somebody else's head in

Instead our focus, least for a good amount
Has changed now that our former worries
Fell insignificant with bettering technology
Our heroes today range


From the classic superhuman, to a mere little boy
No matter the powers, ability, any possess
We focus on the inside, the soul and character growth
Yes, our protagonist's journey now targets beyond slaying magic foes


Propped up between tough choices, or squealing over a dog
It doesn't matter the hero, they are humanized
So in the end, with all our riches, our heroes have boiled down to
Us, we, the depicable heroes, humans

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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