Humans are Humans and Nothing Less

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 15:49 -- judal96

A word?

A phrase?

Who am I?

You are a human my child,

that's who you are.

Boys call me gay before they hit me.

Men at church says fagets are going to hell and then they look at me.

They believe they are special my child.

Their is no greater lie than believing one is lesser or better than someone else.

Then why do they hurt me so?

You are different my child.

When we are not used to seeing what we see everyday,

our reality is challenged,

and we feel that we must have what was before.

Why so mother?

I want to be like them all:

have friends,

feel welcomed,

know I belong.

You do belong my child.

You are living on this Earth,

home to all of my prized beauties.

You are human my child,

therefore I love you and so does the mother who gave you her lap as your home.

Mother said she did not want a fag in the family.

Brother said I'm nerdy and then called me a fag again.

Why must I be so different?

No one wants me.

If all of life was same, my child,

then I would not need to work anymore.

As a mother, life would seem boring and undesirable.

I love you my child and so does that other lost soul who clings to you

and yearns for you love.

But mother, why does my mother want me to leave?

Who loves me?

Why do they love me?

Why must someone like me exist?

Child, as the Sun sets, mother must go,

as I must tend to the hearts of my other crying children.

Your mother, the woman who allows you to reside on her body,

caring and nurturing you forever,

will never say no to you or any of her children.

The one who loves you,

looks at you through shy eyes,

also cries to me as you do,

because he too suffers.

You are art, my child.

You are beauty.

You are the one who love belongs to.

And as mother leaves,



the boys at school,

the men at church,

are all human,

nothing more or nothing less.


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Being bisexual, there has been a lot of criticism facing my actions and my merits. In some cases, my accomplishments are ignored because of my sexual orientation. I had come out as being bisexual in my junior year of high school, but prior to that I faced a lot of stress. In my middle school, in many cases, I was bullied. No one knew I was bi, but they teased me for my voice, my shyness and my habit of making more female friends than male ones. It was very depressing since my voice was simply due to improper medical procedures that were performed on me when I had gone with my family to Bangladesh; however, it was associated with my sexuality. It took me until the 6th grade (I started middle school in the 5th grade) to make friends and an accident where I was hit by a school bus to be the catalyst. Returning from the accident, I thought that everyone liked me now, but to my displeasure, most of it was acting and pity. Things got better in 8th grade when everyone realized I was "befriendable." Coming into my high school, I was at a stage of conflict. My high school was known for being LGBT friendly and being the hub of diversity in New York City high schools, but I still feared not being accepted. I hid my identity as being bi until Junior year where I realized that the students at my school are different than those that I fear; they were more likely to support me than they were to shun me. Coming out was possibly one of the most difficult and easiest things for me. I had my history and fears stabbing at me, and I had the support and care of my peer pushing me on. To this day, I have never regretted my decision to become known for who I was and I took initiative to help others like myself. I am a huge supporter of the anti-bullying movement as an advocate to parents and the youth. Stomping out bullying and discrimination is not something that will happen over night, and as long as people do not understand that a human is just a human, there will continue to be the inequality and grief that clouds our world in darkness.

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