I wasn't always jaded

I never really hated

the judging eyes,

the self-centered smiles,

or the fakeness on their faces.

I didn't dislike

the quiet animosity, 

the way they always looked at me,

or the way they say "honestly".

I never really noticed

how we act like protists,

clawing for the top,

never thinking to stop

to smell the roses.

I never really cared

about the wars everywhere,

pollution in the air,

or the way they all compared.

I never really saw

truly manipulative people,

I always thought they were equal,

to just the normal people.

But now I see 

the ugliness of society,

the faults of our deity,

the loss of worldwide sanity,

wallowing in vanity,

I present to you:

The mess that is humanity.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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