Humanities indifference

Humanities greatest crime is indifference

Indifferent to the degradation it has cursed
On a daily base to our mother earth

Indifferent even when we see the signes written so plain

Indifferent even when our roofs are leaking acid rain

Indifferent even when we feel the heat of our greenhouse gases

Indifferent even when we see our land
surfaces heat up faster then the ocean surface causing wildlifes expanding our deserts

Indifferent to the increasing atmospheric energy and the rates of evaporation causing intensed storms,

Indifferent to the weather extremes and damaging infrastructures; the only time we worry is when we are affected,

Indifferent to the retreat and melting of glaciers and permafrost rising sea levels in the Artic,

Indifferent to the deforestation of the rain forest and the worst is: we are blind to the fact that things happing in these places are vital to the worlds climate,

Indifferent to the suffering, in an extreme case, extiction of living organisms,

And when we are asked why we do what we do, we respond with our heads high " we are living life"

Living life ? When did living means to destroy just to survive?

Life is death when we live with no foresides

We wanna achieve but at what expence?
At the expence of Earth being overly exploited?

To the point she has lost her fertility and now she is gradually dying?

The sad thing is that we've forgotten that if she falls apart, we fall too!

If measurs are not taken, then in 100 million years to come, the sun will take over Mercury and Venus to destroy Earth.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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