Humanities goal

I'm stuck between gods and beasts
Between full-on attacks and all out retreats
The world is being shaped by all of my deeds
And my selfishness reveals the ultimate of all realities
I need to survive
Obviously there is an "I"
But to outshine the rest
I must care for others even when they're not at their best
That's the humanities test
Morality permeates our ecosystem
Is it self-induced or god-given
I'm not at liberty to say
Maybe that's not even the important thing
What should be right and wrong
Who gets to say what's been for so long
Is what truly perpetuates our society towards liberation
Freedom from concepts can be so demanding
Are we meant to shed this physical existence
In merge into one entity and spiral into the cosmos for infinity
Or are we meant to dominate this Earth
And be its sole inhabitants
The fittest being humanity as it just so happens to be
I can't just allow myself to fade into blackness
There must be more I can almost taste it
it's on the tip of my tongue it's perpetually priceless
Existential freedom over carnal vices
We must journey together there's no room for soloists
It's a harmonious endeavor that ends in oneness
The path is altruistic and a tandem free fall
Spiraling towards zero and an end to it all..........
Or is it the beginning

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HB Rita

We all are stuck in someway to running our life. It is true.

Wonderful poem.

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