Humanities Betrayal



When freedom is so close

Your soul can touch it

You know it is there

You are in a place in which you can be free

You know you can create a free life

But there is something that's holding you from complete happiness

You need your family


If you go back you’ll get caught

But where is your happiness at

Is it with freedom or with family

You finally got out

How could you go back

But what matters is

How couldn’t you go back


How could humanity do this to itself

There is only one race

The human race

In whom we betray ourselves

How could we?

How could we call someone else just like us

An animal of no worth

Worth with no other use than for our labor


Why can we do this and feel RIGHT!

When someone just wants their family and a life

When someone just wants freedom

Why do we define each other by looks

Something we can’t even control


When did this torture begin

When did one person become less than another

With just one law

You can destroy the lives of everyone we call animals  

They just want what we want

They just need what we need

They are just like who we think of as superior

They are us!

Fight for them!

This is one race

The human race!


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My community
My country
Our world


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