human rights


(human rights)


A Poor to ridiculed, had felt like a trash dispatched

A one that has bullied, had felt like was shot with a gun

Had shot with a gun 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.., bullets that i can’t count

A violence, torture, insults

Had inset this pain in my heart

A wound that no cure

 Is the reason to cut this life

And then,

just… die.

 It’s over, it’s easy. Am I right?

A way to end this pain that I can’t bare

Is to die.

Make this darkest foggy life into clear bright light

Strengthen your weak knee

Broaden your shoulders

Have a power

Make a stand and go out

 Shout between the crowd

Let what you feel out, it’s time to shout.

A sacred life that God provide


 A sacred life, SACRED LIFE!

 that god provide

Life that given by him will only be taken by him

So, whatever it takes,

Until I have this breath

Until this heart pump blood throughout my body

Until I have an eye to see, a mouth to speak, a voice to hear

and ear to listen….


I won’t, I won’t give up.


Oh no,

I won’t give up

No one can measure your worth

You’re more than gold, diamonds and billions money in this world

Come with me

Be with me

Let’s speak with dignity

A human with presence of humanity


Make a defense, A Protection

Like our parents lend to us

The day that we’ve born until they die

A bed of love

A pillow of care

And a sheet of protection

Now, I say

Stop violence, stop intolerance




To stand with dignity

Because we are worthy

Fight for life

It’s our human right, it is our RIGHT.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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