Human Nature

Human nature, both the most terrifying and comforting phenomenon out there.


What they do to the environment,

What they discover,

What they create,

What decisions they choose,

The treatment of animals, people, objects, plants, etc,

What they believe,






But it is more than just life it is what you do with your life.

As an individual and as a society, 

mankind can be the evil and it can be the good in the world.

Mankind creates both the evil and the good,

But there is nothing without both,

They are one,

Yin and Yang,

Black and white, 

The good in the evil, the evil in the good,

The caring, the cruel,

The weak, the strong,

The passionate, the dispirited,

The optimists, the pessimists,

There is always both sides,

There is no enjoyment of the good without the bad.

That is what inspires me,

That there is both good and evil.

I am inspired to be the good in the world to keep the balance.

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Our world
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