Human destroyer of the earth and life

You are human

You take my skin, my land,my home,my natural life of happiness.

You walk this earth invading and controlling. changing balances and of life.

you seek the resources or anything that you can put you'r hands on to manipulate and creat for destruction.

creation of global warming is from you,were my home lies to melt and be destroyed for you.

All your use in oil,gasoline,ect for what? polution.

we become ill and endangerd from your weopons and weak reek of fear.

deforestation,ice age,global warming,endangerment,polution,rise of carbon dioxide,illness,disease all comes from you.

we are carried out our homes and lives for you eaten for you hurt for you games for you what els do you desire.

You are human 

You take control

You take me and my history for granted.

You throw wast in the waters of mystery. for you still have't discoverd the deep blue sea and it's unknown.

You use me abuse me or choose me for show and game. for I am life with no shame but willing to be tamed and aim for my survival and for your acceptance to not be put up in a frame or wall or even just to disapear in extinction.

I now lie waiting for the time to come for life and earth to be gone,destroyed and for humans to suffer as we do.

For you are human.

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Our world
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