the human body is an engineering disaster.

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 23:24 -- puffin

Odd sounds, cracks, and aches.
It's maddening. I'm drenched in disgust
With the feeling of blood in my veins,
Like oil in a car beginning to rust.

I am still young, that is true;
But it is fleeting, and so I'm cynical.
I shall deteriorate with the time I accrue --
The principle is abysmal.

I do not fear the news.
Rather, I detest the subject.
Analogously, I do not mind the faded hues
Of a painting I don't respect.

The work itself is shoddy
And filled with inherent faults.
Most times, I feel my own body
Is better off a pillar of salt.


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