The Human Body

The human body

Is awesome.


Heart pumping furiously

Lungs expanding beautifully

Pushing the desperately needed

Oxygen through intricate veins.


Immune system fighting

Nervous system firing

Millions of cells communicating

All automatically- all for you.


Legs rushing through tall grass

Feet pounding on the concrete

Arms reaching towards the sky

Hands threading through another.


Ears open to hearing

Eyes receiving in awe and wonder

A nose detecting a myriad of fragrances

For you to enjoy.


We critique and critize our bodies

We try to change them;

Mistreat them all too often

As if they aren't enough.


But look!

Look at their abilities

How amazing

How truly beautiful.


They are the temples

That hold our very souls

That allow us to live-

That literally keep us alive.


A beautiful gift

A grand design

That we should learn

To love and accept; to care for.


The human body

Is awesome.


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