The Human Body

Is only a machine

Operated by the big three

The mind soul and spirit

And the workers in between.


A beautiful landscape

To invesitigate and understand

Illustrate and decorate

As the bosses wish.


So remarkable

But so overlooked

Seen every day

But rarely seen.


Containing unbelievable

Masterpieces of wonder.

Are we built of God?

A universe? Or is it just existence? 


We purge and torture

Our own and other's

Because we find it acceptable

Because it's (normal)


Mirrors should be loved

Not ignored or destroyed

Self love should rule the land

Not self loathing.


A human is complex,






We are Gods in our own right,

For these wonderous capsules

Are the most potent magic

Ever know to the galaxies.


Respect it.

Honor it.

Treasure it.

Love it.


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