Human blindness


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Human Blindness

By Sarah West


If I could change one thing in this world,

If I could change anything at all,

I would open the eyes of those causing pain,

And let them see their flaws.

To the people who hurt others with their actions and with their words,

If I could take away that blindness

Would they still be undeterred?


If they could see the extent of their misdoing,

Would their actions even alter?

If they saw how one insult deteriorates every bit of confidence,

Would it make them stop or falter?


I would let them see how a blow destroys more than bones,

And how violence won’t solve their problems.

If I were able to eliminate this haze for young and old,

Would we be able to pause and help the fallen?


Oh, If only the people would open their eyes!

It would be so easy for them to see.

If only the blindness went away,

The world we live in would be complete.

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