Human Beans

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 13:02 -- GIOMNAT

I... am into theatre,

I... play piano,

I... am an art focus,

and here I am, writing a poem.

We, as creatures,

who live and breathe that of others,

are indecisive.

We fall in love, and half of us divorce.

We, who built a society like Legos on the backs of slaves and kings,

a roller coaster of peace and war,

so attracted to opposites that we had the crazy idea to name ourselves Human Beings.

Or, as I like to call them, Human Beans.

Because I thoughts that’s what people actually said,

and hey, it seemed pretty accurate to me.

Because bean are so fragile,

able to be stepped on and crushed out of very existence

by the bully-in-disguise called adulthood,

who made us decide.

Decide to live, love, laugh, fight, and how dare it!


Simple, of not stupid,

but yet metaphors to life only seen by the most complex and smart of human beings.

About being “young and free”

about letting you and only you control you.

you are not a puppet on broken strings of broken dreams

that dangle like detached strings on a violin, a dead violin.

Well, the truth is, I didn’t learn violin, I learned piano.

ABCDEFG, right?

Well it turns out piano is another metaphor to life.

One where there is no “H”,

where we start over and over again

perfecting and pounding out a life filled with sharps and flats,

until we face the jump off the highest key like a cliff with no safety net,

it is there we are forced to make another decision.

Man, I really hate decisions.

Because actions have consequences that hurt and are full of regret to last a lifetime

and I’m sorry mom for not being there when dad left

because I didn’t want to make the decision of whether or not to let go of such a distant person

because I was a child and children don’t make decisions, parents do.

But when the parents are too ill or distracted to make those vital decisions,

the next generation slips quietly into masked oblivion

because in life we are never taught that

we have to make decisions and because it’s so foreign and so hard and so permanent,

we have chosen to be indecisive.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do in life

or why I didn't join mom in bidding dad farewell

or why I chose to play piano instead of violin

but I do know this:

We are human beans, that grow into amazing sights,

that with the right help learn that yes,

decisions come with consequences but we should not be afraid of them.

I mean, someone had to invent the wheel, right?

Someone decided that the planet wasn’t the center of the universe,

and that there is a God above,

and that all people should be treated as equal,

and that children should explore and learn and

whoever decided that we onto something because now

I... am an art focus.

I... play piano.

I... am into theatre,

and I... am a poet.


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